Commercial Research

The CAT was developed as a short, simple questionnaire to provide a framework for discussions with COPD patients and their healthcare professionals to enable a common understanding and grading of the impact of the disease on the patients' lives.

During the development of the CAT, it became apparent that the measurement properties and responsiveness of the instrument were very similar to those of the more complex and longer St George's Respiratory Questionnaire (SGRQ). Further research has supported these findings and established the CAT as a valuable measure of health status in research.1-5

Following extensive translation and linguistic validation, the measurement properties and responsiveness of the CAT have been evaluated in many different countries and found to be similar.1-5

Links to the CAT, references which support its development and use in research, and access to the site for requesting translations of the CAT can be found below.

The CAT HCP User Guide & FAQ provides further details on the development of CAT and how you can use it for research.

The CAT link will allow you access single copies of translations through the public section.

The References link will provide direct links to the development references, a bibliography and a list of ePRO (electronic methods to collect patient-reported outcomes) providers and devices on which CAT has been approved for use.

Use the Logging a Study & Translation Request for access to multiple translations and certificates for use in research.